Five Facts Friday, Random Things About Me

Five random facts friday,  is a creation of  a friend and fellow blogger Nancy Claeys who tries to get us  to post fun things about ourselves that others may not know.It helps all of us rural folks get to know each other better and share things we have in common when we are sometimes the only ones around for miles! 

nancy claeys link photo

nancy claeys link photo


Markers Mark tasting room. Near Loretto, Ky

Markers Mark tasting room. Near Loretto, Ky

1.  Kentucky is one of my favorite places to travel to…. if I had to move, I would move to Kentucky…. They love the same things that I love so it feels like home any time we visit. They love Horses…. Southern Food… and Burbon… What’s not to like?

2. I have accomplished one of my New Years  resolutions from 2012… I wanted to recycle more.. and with the end of the year I did… lots and lots more. I wanted to do more than just my milk jugs so I really started digging into every plastic container we ever used and I had at least  4 , 13 gallon trash bags full of plastic every month… I never though we were so wasteful but the truth is out now!  

3.  I  love canning and making jelly and jams and butters. So this year I made well over 100 1/2 pints of the stuff and gave most of it away as gifts… thankfully my husband does not mind.

aplle cider jelly my best jelly so far

apple cider jelly my best jelly so far

4.  I am getting interested in making fermented foods from our garden so the next year will be full of wine, extracts, pickles, kraut and home-made vinegar. If you think about it I have to of the major bases covered… sweet, with jams and jellies and now tart with pickles and wine.

5. I have almost finish my first year of blogging and it has been the most fun hobby that I have added in years. So glad I tried to join into this vast pool of knowledge and friendship… Thanks Nancy it has been wonderful to share with you and your followers.

Thanks again for stopping by and if you can stop by the blog hop linked above.

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24 thoughts on “Five Facts Friday, Random Things About Me

  1. I am very glad that you added blogging to your list. It’s been fun to read and I look forward to the 2014 version.


    • Dan as always thank you ! I wonder at times if I will ever be able to repay you for your support… I am still learning and exploring and heck just having a great time..2014 should be a blast and glad you can come for the ride!


  2. Happy one year blogging. I love Maker’s Mark. Apple cider jelly sounds so good — you were busy. I try to recycle as much as possible. Merry Merry and Ho Ho Ho!


  3. Great post! I’d love your recipe for the apple cider jelly! We really upped our canning this year with adding a pressure caner to our water bath adventures and we crock fermented tons this year. It is a lot of fun and everything tastes wonderful. Enjoy your fermenting adventure! Merry Christmas!


    • Amy, I will get on this after the holidays… I am going to be lucky to get one or two done the next two weeks… thanks for stopping by and I will be glad to read your stories in to adventures of good foods too!


  4. Loving your header Jolynn! AND your Random 5.. 🙂


  5. Great post full of fun facts about you JoLynn — you are right that blogging seems to bring us rural folks closer together. I love that! Happy Holidays to you and yours. xo


    • It is just so nice to be back where I belong.. on you blog hop! I was so crazy for a few months that I was not able to join in and then you were away so I just missed it so much! I wish that I could intergrate my facts better but I am sure next time I will think about it more and it will not just be a list… I find it very very hard to stop and thing about five things..usualy have twenty five~ anyway thanks for hosting this again! jolynn


  6. Oh that’s good and delicious, this homemade stuff that I love very much and am anxious basics of nutrition to procure much yourself, instead of buying from industrial production. I bake bread and even often …
    Yes, you can my blog by email subscribe: Please scroll down the page to times far below. In the sidebar on the right is possible by email. I hope this works, otherwise I’m still working on (I’m not so good at it)
    Have a great ans quiet holiday time 🙂


  7. JoLynn, if you are interested in fermentation of various types, Narf7 of “The Road to Serendipity” blog is a great source of information. She ferments all sorts of things. You will find some interesting information there, I’m sure. Her site is

    I haven’t been to Kentucky, but have met a few people from there; the most intriguing accent! My Mum has always been into horses and racing (more so in her younger years). We used to listen to the Kentucky Derby on radio every year and now try to catch it on tv. Mum can often pick a winner just watching the Parade to the Post.

    This was a great post; it’s so nice to learn more about the people we ‘visit’ with online.

    Have fun with the fermenting! ~ Linne


    • Linn yes and it is so nice of you to pass along her site… I have learned more from all of you on wordpress then just about anywhere. I wish I knew your Mum I would be betting on her horses everytime… I am not just a race horse fan so I enjoy all aspects of the horse farming even the stall cleaning! Thanks again Linn.


  8. Oh love the looks of your apple cider in the jars. I love fermented cabbage (kraut)and have never made it. We have recycled for ten years here, there is so much packaging on everything you buy now.
    Happy blogaversary. B


  9. the hubby & i love Kentucky as well. gorgeous country as far as the eye can see out the car window. ( :


  10. Any time we can mark off a New Year Resolution by the end of the year – it is a good thing. We live close to Kentucky so there is a love/hate relationship (mostly about drivers from each location – same was true when I lived bordering with Maryland). That said – Kentucky has some beautiful horse farms and lovely scenery.


    • Nicki thanks for stopping by what wonderful photos you take. We get more people in our area from Ohio although we are only about two hours from the Ky boarder.


  11. Your apple cider jelly looks so pretty in the lovely jars.


  12. I love seeing and reading all of your canning recipes… can’t wait to hear more about the fermentation recipes!


  13. Faith Antion

    I find your blog to be so comforting. Your stories remind me that we don’t have to plan grand expensive adventures in our lives to feel fulfilled – we can find happiness in the things that are all around us. I often struggle to remember that and your writing really inspires me to embrace the simple things I love to do. I know it’s hard to make time to blog on top of all of your other responsibilities, but please keep sharing as you can!


    • Faith you really touched me today! Thank you! I have over the years found that my personal happiness is more and more guided by small simple things. A drive in the country, a family meal, time with animals… they all seem to say rest relax and find peace so I do!


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