Saying Goodbye to Elkins West Virginia

I have left jobs, lost jobs, ran from jobs and wanted different jobs, but I am not sure I am happy about leaving this job. I am leaving my AmeriCorps position in Elkins West Virginia to move on to my final year as an AmeriCorps to a smaller town called Phillipi, West Virginia. After two years serving in the community of Elkins, I would have thought this move would be easier. It’s not easy…… and I am not accustom to leaving work that I enjoy and feel passionate about. AmeriCorps has been wonderful to me and I have learned to love my community and state even more because of the work I do.

Henry Gassaway Davis mounted in Elkins West Virginia

Street View Elkins Sky line

It is the people that I hate to leave… they have opened their homes and hearts to me and I spent two years learning in the shadow of giants. Most of them are under dogs, scrappy  hard fighters who have never had a easy time of livinging in the mountains of Appalachia. Most work long hours often on bugets that outsiders would never be able to open a door with. They make due, they know how to stretch a dollar and work past dark for little pay. It is not easy to carve out a new future from the dark wooded mountains of West Virginia’s past, but they move forward. The community of Elkins is a strong, proud group of people who love as hard as they work.

I will say goodbye the 8th of Feb and take a much need rest before I move on to a smaller more remote community. I am excited and hopeful that I can help another community bring to life their dreams for a brighter future. I can only hope that this move will be just as  rewarding as my years in this mountain town.

So as my far well approaches I thought I would share some of my favorite photos of

Elkins and the people who made my term so wonderful.

inter-mountain clipping 1



Art of Elkins Wine Tasting Tammy Dolly and Jolynn Powers




Driver of the Raminator at the Mountain State Forest Festival

Doug Starcher and Jolynn Powers at Selfie Sation

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10 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye to Elkins West Virginia

  1. Best of luck in the new job. 🙂


    • Thanks Bruce, I am exited and know that the town I am going to really needs my help and that makes the transition so much easier. I it is nice to know that I can leave Elkins in good hands and move to place that can use the support.


  2. Ellyn-Mae Friedman

    good luck

    On Tue, Jan 30, 2018 at 4:48 PM, West Virginia Mountain Mama wrote:

    > jolynnpowers posted: ” I have left jobs, lost jobs, ran from jobs and > wanted different jobs, but I am not sure I am happy about leaving this job. > I am leaving my AmeriCorps position in Elkins West Virginia to move on to > my final year as an AmeriCorps to a smaller t” >


  3. I’m sure it will be hard to leave, but I’m also sure you will do good work in Phillipi. Good luck JoLynn.


  4. Even when we are ready for it changes are hard. Wishing you all the best in your new position.


  5. grannysu

    Just stumbled on your blog and was happy to see some familiar faces. I hope you enjoy Philippi–it’s a cool little town. Be sure to get to know the library Judy Larry. She’s a real powerhouse for her town and library.


    • Granny Su… thanks so much for stopping in to visit. I have to say I have missed see you around the many towns I stop into these days but thanks for the advice I will take time to get to know Judy. I have always made libraries one of my favorite places!


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