Spring foraging and Ramp Sliders

Easter weekend has over the years become a Ramp Feast. ( Ramps are wild onions that grow for only short period of time in the Appalachian Mountains every spring.) This year we struggled to get out into the woods. Cold, rain and snow every weekend made the prospect of taking Christopher foraging a little unpleasant. So we finally got to head out for Morels (a wild mushroom) and ramps this weekend and were surprised with both.


Cleaned wild ramps ready for cooking

We have missed Morel season the last two years and have come home empty-handed but this weekend we found several and ended up with a few pounds of ramps from a family friends property. This was also our first real trip to the woods with Doc our puppy coonhound. What an adventure we had and what a wonderful lunch the ramps and mushrooms turned into.


Morel and Pheasant tail mushrooms washed and ready to eat.

Our morning started with a rather long walk into the woods to find the right conditions for Morels and along the way I spotted some wonderful spring sights.


Red Buds blooming lighting up the dark forest with the bright pink flowers.



After a few hours in the woods we had our bags were full and empty tummies. It was time to make a lunch with some of our treasures. I made hamburger sliders with sautéed ramps and mixed cheeses. It was fast, easy and delicious.

I used Kings Hawiian sweet dinner rolls for a bun and good quality ground beef. Making about 6 sliders from a pound of beef. The magic ingredient was the wine sautéed ramps. I took about 10 ramps cleaned and sliced them very thin and added them to a skillet with one teaspoon bacon grease, wilting the greens down. When the greens wilted I add 1/8 cup to 1/4 cup Marsala Wine and reduced the heat and simmer with salt and pepper for about 8 to 10 minutes. While the ramps simmered I made and cooked the burgers and topped them with a Colby/ Jack shredded cheese mixture. Assembled it all on a dinner roll with a little mayo and topped with two heaping spoonfuls of wine soaked ramps.  What a pleasure it was to eat and what a joy to make again.

Happy Spring Foraging to all of You!


Ramps with bacon grease and Marasal wine

Sliced Ramps with Marsala wine carmelized in bacon grease.

Ramp and Cheese Sliders spring wild food

Wine soaked ramp and cheese slider on a Kings Hawaiian dinner roll.

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11 thoughts on “Spring foraging and Ramp Sliders

  1. Morels have got to be the tastiest of the mushrooms. We get chanterelles here int he fall, but I’ve only seen a few morels growing and they’re a rare sight here on the coast. On the mainland I think they get more, and it seems to me that April is the time for them. They are SO good. I’m sure you enjoyed your foraged feast!


  2. Looks delicious! And being able to find your ingredients in the woods – perfect


    • One of my true loves is spending time in the woods looking and learning about our plants and how to use them.. thank you for stopping in again it is always good to hear from you!


  3. I haven’t had ramps in so long! They no longer have the big ramp dinners at the fire company in my hometown (Petersburg), and my father says that they are so expensive to buy at the roadside stands. Around here in Western Maryland, none of the locals have even heard of ramps. . . such a short distance from home. 😦 Now, morels, that’s a big deal around here.


    • Ramps are becoming more rare here also and some forward thinking people are actually farming them to some degree. On average a pound to ramps runs about 5 a pound and many are willing to pay for them. Funny how some states do not utilize them even though they grow all over your area and Ohio but we rarely here about people actually eating them. Thanks for stopping in and taking time to comment Jolynn


  4. Delicious looking sliders 🙂


  5. dennis j murphy

    I have about 3-4 pounds of ramps in the refrigerator. Time to clean before they’re no good !

    Liked by 1 person

  6. dennis j murphy

    I have 3-4 pounds of ramps in my refrigerator. Time to get on the ball and clean them ! lol

    Liked by 1 person

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