Fall is Coming and so is My Barnwood Builder Episode

Fall has started to arrive here in West Virginia, squirrel and archery hunting season have begun, making my husband and son fidgety to get back out in the woods.The garden that I have not had time to write about was good and I am collecting the last of the tomatoes, peppers and squash this week. The aroma of roasting chilies and sweet peppers fills my house as the garden finally says good-bye. As the weather finally turns cold, I  will be ready to snuggle up and watch the new season of the Barnwood Builders. The season starts the first week in Oct and my families episode  airs  Sunday the 1st of Nov. So the weekend of Halloween looks full. Take the kids out Trick-or-Treating Saturday night and celebrate my birthday on Nov 1st with the a viewing party that includes cake and ice cream and a few close friends and family. The night should be unforgettable and I am still trying to figure out how this all happened to me.

I will post a reminder that week for those who want to see the show on the DIY or GAC networks that evening. Thanks for the support and cant wait to see what they have done with my little story.

Cinderella garden pumpkin

Cinderella garden pumpkin.

Queens Island blue squash

Queens Island blue squash.

Large chili pepper plant loaded and read to pick

Large chili pepper plant loaded with peppers.

two gallon harvest bucket

Two gallon harvest bucket.

fall leaves on wet step

Fall leaves on wet step.

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8 thoughts on “Fall is Coming and so is My Barnwood Builder Episode

  1. Beautiful photos. I hope I will be able to catch that show (I’m not sure if the stations are in our line up). My daughter is on a different cable system, so I have two chances.


  2. Love your pumpkins and your coloured leaves, autumn is so cool a season 🙂


  3. Love the blue squash and the other fall items. But Barnyard Builders is new to me. Thanks for this post. I’m curious now.


    • Barnwood builders episodes and information can be found on the internet.They are 5 men from West Virginia who have a business moving,restoring, and reusing 1800’s barns, homes and cabins. They have a TV show on the Do It Yourself Network and The Great American County Network showing this buildings. how to save and reuse them.. fun stuff if you like history, old homes or West Virginia

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  4. Congratulations, Jolynn!! (I’ll be looking for it, too.)


  5. Peter King

    I keep hearing a word used a lot but I have never heard before. It describes the patterns on wood and begins with “P”. Please can you tell me what the word is ?
    Thanks Peter.


    • Peter the only work that I can think of the we use to describe old barn wood or other old finishes is Patina. Old barn wood will have a grey, black or green Patina from age. Other then that I am not sure what word you would be looking for … hope this helps.


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