This is What Our Valentines Day Usually Looks Like!

Why do I always do this to myself. I think,”How wonderful, my husband and I will have a day together, sleep in and eat a nice meal and shop” for our Valentines anniversary. Yet, February is a terrible month do anything other than snuggle under a warm blanket together and hope that some one has had the energy to put a pot of hot soup on the stove.

Three days ago I was outside with Paige and Christopher playing in the yard and enjoying one of the sunny days we got this month. Well today lets just say that they dismissed school early due to blizzard conditions and the temps at 5 pm will head south into the teens. Then later tonight -10 is forecast and I am thinking of bringing the bunnies in to the laundry room again for a couple of days.

Christopher digging in flower bed

Christopher digging in flower bed

Paige digging flower pot on porch

Paige digging flower-pot on porch

Flowers budding in flower box

Flowers budding in flower box

So, as I head out to pick up Christopher early from school ,I am thinking that my Valentines date may in include a snow shovel and an extra blanket on the bed.

flowerbed covered in snow

flowerbed covered in snow


Snowy Pine tree in the back yard

Snowy Pine tree in the back yard


I seem to forget that every February is this way. We have these negative temps at night and these crazy, warm, sunny days. The winter has not really left us as I brush another layer of snow off my car. I fight the wind as it blows so hard that it whistles between the houses and tress.  Then during a still moment I hear the song birds chirping so loudly that it distracts me from my chore. I look up into that snow-covered maple and think that some of them have already returned from the north and are celebrating. Singing and playing at our feeder the Chickadees and Finches swoop and dive. I think they are laughing at me as I grumble and groan. They know that the sun will shine and melt the snow and that in a few short weeks I will be wishing that it was just dry for St Patrick’s Day.

Hope all of you have a wonderful Holiday and share it with people who you love and make you smile.


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6 thoughts on “This is What Our Valentines Day Usually Looks Like!

  1. sandy

    I am with you. We have daffodils planted on the bank along the driveway. Every time I go outside I check to see if they are breaking through the ground. Harold laughs at me and tells me to be patient.

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  2. storki

    Look at it this way, you could snuggle up together with hubby in front of a roaring fire, a nice bottle of something and a good movie and forget about the winter scene outside. That is what we will be doing as it is my husbands birthday and despite the fact that we will have a couple of nice days now, Saturday and Sunday the snow is forecast to return for us.
    Whatever you end up doing, hope you have a fab day!

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  3. Hi JoLynn, I stopped yesterday to catch up with you and the MountainMama blog! (I don’t’ know where the time goes!!) I read through everything here since your surgery! You’ve been busy too! (of course) So excited for you with a new house! I love new houses and new updates to old ones! (Even tho my family and I have been in our home for years and years, we’ve don’e a lot of remodeling over those years knocking out walls here, changing windows, updating the kitchen -twice- 3 bathroom remodels. Very disruptive, but we love doing it anyway!.) Good luck to you in this new “forever house.” It looks wonderful – good bones, like you said! And lots of really nice features, and the potential for lots more – that is just great – I’m really happy for you and your fam!!


    • Thanks for popping in to visit and yea things here have been busy….I am hoping to get some things started soon as the weather breaks…snow snow and more snow for now! nice to hear from you Kathlin!

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