No Room in the School house.

Well the move has gone pretty well  and we are now officially up and running. The Holiday break is over for the school children and the husband and I should be back to the work grind soon. That is if I can get Christopher back into school.

One room school house in Ireland, WV.

One room school-house in Ireland, WV.

I should be thankful that this is only a minor problem caused by moving, but I can hardly believe it that two of the county elementary schools here are unable to add one more kindergartener Now the question is, should I just leave him in his current school for the rest of the year? I could move him to a school that is in whole other town but inside the county system, but do I want to change his schooling three times in a year? I have to drive him to school now and it is a 25 drive one way, twice a day every day. This equals 100 miles everyday for the remainder of the school year; around 4000 miles just for transportation for school.

I was hoping to head back to work by the end of the month as a Substitute teacher in the neighboring county middle school. This maybe the only job that I can actually do and work around the drop off and pick up requirements of a young school child. I am just feeling frustrated that when I want to use public education I can’t. Sadly I am not getting an income from the 100 miles a day I drive.

I will be looking into the amount of time that Christopher would have to ride a school bus to the next town to attend kindergarten in French Creek.If his bus ride is over the 25 minutes we drive now I will have to rethink this plan also.

These are all hard problems to solve quickly. I just have to take a deep breath and remember that his school problem is fixable and that I will work around what ever happens. I guess being a stay at home mom for another month or two is not the end of the world. I should just be happy that we made the move without any major disasters. The house and the new county are everything we want and more so this too will pass.

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8 thoughts on “No Room in the School house.

  1. sandy

    I have never heard of your schooling dilemma. Christopher doesn’t take up much space. Any classroom would be lucky to have him. Am glad moving was uneventful for your family. I wish you many happy years in your new home.


    • As always thank you Sandy. I am sure that by the time I see you we will have a plan worked out and a routine of some kind. I may just get into teaching next year , who knows?


  2. I thought public schools had to take all-comers. I hope you get this figured out without an overly complicated arrangement.


    • Dan they have to provide a public education and transportation to that place of education but they never said they had to put your child in the school of your choice or even in you neighbor hood. So, yes they will take him but the school is about 23 miles to the in county school and 25 to the one that he is attending now… So I am guessing he will stay right where he is and finish out the year with me driving him.

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  3. So sorry to hear about your school problems. My kids are grown now, but it just reminds me of yet another reason I am so glad I home schooled them until they were out of high school. The politics of the education system are not fun to deal with. Good luck to you.


    • Tilly, I had seriously thought about home schooling him at the beginning of the year. Now it maybe something I have to rethink. I had really hoped to get out of the house for a while I have been home for one reason or another for about 7 months and I am ready to get out a little more and even maybe grow a little myself.

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  4. Homeschooling? The more educated you get on it you will see all the amazing benifits. Especially if you are already teaching.


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