The Power in Not Being Trendy

I was never popular and trendy in school, were you? I was always the outsider looking in. I always wondered who made up the rules and who said that this was the best way to look and act. Often times I have found that my creative nature is the reason for my lack of being trendy. I was never drawn to the pre-made formula that is followed by the cool people. Many of my friends back then and still today are aspiring  artist, actors, musicians and writers. People who found the individual much more important than mass appeal. I still feel this way and find at times that I am still fighting the same old battles with myself again. I want more people to read my blog, but at what cost? I want my writing  friendly,welcoming and good for any age reader. I never want someone to feel that my writing is critical or hate filled or overly offensive. I must be true to myself and hope for the best when it comes to the popularity contest of the internet. But who are we kidding, the internet is just like middle school where bad taste is cool  and the rest of us just get passed over.

totally uncool in high school. 1986

totally uncool in high school. 1986

I know that I am not the only one who finds popular culture shallow and boring? I have found myself following a bunch of blogs that have some huge followings and discovering that I had to stop reading them. Maybe I am to old…being 45, maybe I want to much from other bloggers, maybe I am just finding the topics of conversation shallow. I find it hard to believe how many followers some blogs have and the amount of cuss words that are in each paragraph. It made we wonder about my blog again.

The conversion inside my head went like this.” Wow I really must be doing some thing wrong if ———( you fill in the blank)’s blog has been Freshly Pressed and got 1000 followers over the course of  a month.They must have something important to say if they are this popular with only 12 posts. I must read the rest of these posts to see what it is that makes this blog so trendy. I am sure that I can learn some thing from this author. OOOOPS, well I am not finishing all these posts, how can I even get through this one? What a total wast of time. I guess it is back square one. If this is what it takes to get followers I am in real trouble again.”

Well I did read some of the posts and found that every post was a confrontation, a middle finger in the readers face. I also discovered that every paragraph had at least one “F” word in it. The topics were about hate, destruction and rebellion. I got the impression that as long as I  wrote about how screwed up everything is, I would be a topical writer and a head liner. If I exposed every flaw I found at other blogs and wrote about how terrible their grammar and spelling was then I would be viewed as an expert.

It would all be a lie. I am to passionate of a person to spend a large portion of my free time trying to write a post that will get all the hipsters here reading every week. I will never say anything controversial enough to incite a blog word war. I am to sensitive about others feelings to slam another persons hard work with hateful words of criticism.

self Portrait with book 6-2014

self Portrait with book 6-2014

So in the end I feel empowered and don’t have to worry about being cool. I am free to write for the pleasure of it. The way creative people have been doing it since the pen hit the paper. I find that not being trendy leads me to wider topics and deeper feeling and more artful expression. Some days I just have to remind myself this is not a competition about who is the most trendy and remember that this is about letting you see my world through my words and nothing more. If one day my youngest son reads these words and loves them then I have reached my target audience and the rest is for the joy of it.

Christopher on swing set

Christopher on swing set


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17 thoughts on “The Power in Not Being Trendy

  1. I like your blog a lot. I also fit the description you painted here both in school and still today. I have gained followers but very slowly. It doesn’t bother me. I like the people who chose to follow my blog and I follow very many of them and I find that I can read all their posts.

    I’ve read formulas and advice posts for gaining more followers but I’ll stick with slow, organic growth.


  2. Just write from the heart and it will be what it is supposed to be. 🙂


    • Yes I will continue to write about what it that is important to me and hope that some times I am able to share my joy along the way.. .thanks for your support as always Jolynn


  3. You’re completely on point here, Jolynn. It’s sad, but I think blogging is just another extension of society where comparison leaks into every corner. People suddenly are trying to compete with Suzie Q from Timbuktu, even though they’ve never met her, don’t know anything about their real life, etc.

    I almost quit blogging for awhile because I was sick of being ‘looked over’. Then I remembered I have great readers, like you, that really support me no matter what. That’s what makes blogging worth it!


    • Thanks for you support too! I really like you writing style and seance of humor so you have a fan here! I just have to remember to keep it all in perspective some times! Keepen it real here in WV


  4. Thank heavens for people who are not trendy, including me. I have never felt the need to keep up with others and become a “cookie cutter” person. People like you are so much more interesting and real and I am blessed to call you a friend. You continue to amaze me with your writing as I always learn something from it. Keep up the good work.


  5. Good Morning Jolynn! I am struggling with blogging, have been for several months. Too much on my plate right now. I like what Dan says. I think your last sentence says it all.. 🙂


    • So sorry for the struggle…I spend find it hard to work in also but I still enjoy it when I do find time to write….summer is our most hectic time of the year.


  6. I love your blog! I think you got it right just the way you do it. Although I have not been doing this very long, I too have struggled with what to write and why. Sometimes I wonder if I write on a subject will people just pass over it or ignore it because it is boring or not exciting enough to start a controversy. In the end I have to remind myself that I write for myself and the blog world is secondary. As you said, “Be true to yourself.”

    I was invisible in school — I didn’t even make it to be an outsider. Looking back I am okay with this. Although a terrible time to remember, it made me who I am today and I wouldn’t change that person for anything. You seem to have turned out pretty good too and that’s what matters, I bet far better than those “popular” people.

    Great post! ~ Tilly


  7. Keep true to you…and you’ll attract the right sort of people to your blog. I agree with you… I have unsubscribed to a few blogs because they were too negative for me. I agree with the bad taste…people enjoy being angry online it seems!


  8. I can’t even remember HOW I found your blog Jolynn but, I was drawn to the honesty and laid back style in your writings. I believe you are a gem and, one day I’d be honoured to meet you. You never know … I LOVE riding my motorcycle through the Appalachia area and I want my wife to experience it with me too so … next time, maybe we can meet for a coffee. In the mean time … don’t change. 🙂 Oh and … I TOO would love more readers/followers but hey … I won’t compromise either … I write what I write … love me or hate me … your choice.


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