Frustration of the unhealed bone

I don’t often complain on my blog but today I am just at my wit’s end. After 6 months….yes…. 6 months have passed since I broke the quarter size bone in the bottom of my foot and I am still in pain. I have followed the Dr orders and they have not done much to help in the healing of the Sesamoid bone in my left foot.

bones of the foot showing the side view of the

bones of the foot showing the side view of the

From the bottom image in the diagram you can see the small little bone that I have broken on the bottom of my foot. The bone is like a cap to the joint of our big toe, acting like a knee cap does to our knee-joint. It is nice to have it to protect the joint but is not necessary for walking per say.  This little free-floating bone ( like the knee cap) is kept in place by tendons and muscles . In my case the bone broke perfectly in two pieces and is now flexing sharp bone shards back and forth as I walk. The pain is like having a paper cut every time I take a step, not pleasant at all. The burning and stinging eventually increased to the point that everything inflamed  making walking impossible.

I broke the bone in a very unusual way, In Oct of last year I was changing from my work clothes into yard work clothes, I lost my balance and ended up stomping my foot to the floor to catch myself from falling and “POP” went the bone. This bone is usually found broken in joggers or cross-country runners, not house wives and merchandisers.  As you can guess, It became sore and the whole of my foot became tender to the touch but the pain passed in a couple of days. I was left with just occasional times of burning and tenderness. I just thought it was a something dislocated or deeply bruised. I was wrong.

So finally,  in the first weeks of Dec. I just could not walk any more. The hours I put in walking as a merchandiser and Auditor in retail chains was more than I could stand . I headed to the Dr and proscribed a walking cast boot for up to twelve weeks.

photo of me Dec 10th 2013 in boot cast

photo of me Dec 10th 2013 in boot cast

I worked and did my daily routine with the boot through one of the coldest and snow covered winters that we have had in thirty years. I slipped and bobbed my way through winter being thankful to say home 6 weeks of those 12 weeks.

Air boot cast in snow

Air boot cast in snow

Then at 9 weeks I returned to the Orthopedic surgeon and the new x-ray showed no healing of the bone. Their is only two options at this point, 3 more weeks in a cast and/or surgery. The idea behind the three more weeks was that the Dr hoped that my body would form a scare around the bones to prevent it from moving and causing any more movement and pain.

During the last 3 weeks, I just burnt out. I tired of having cold wet toes every time I go out side. I hated that walking had become dangerous for the rest of my body, as I tried to walk over ice and snow up stairs and over slippery side walks. Finally, at the end of my 3 additional weeks I took the boot off a couple of days early as we went shopping and helped a friend with a couple of mini donkey trims in the snow. The test trips with out the case went well and I put the foot back in the boot for another week before the big reveal.

When freedom came  last week I was over joyed, I  had hoped to put the boot cast to good use,  letting my 5-year-old turn it into a toy. My happiness was short-lived. The pain returned quickly.

Christopher daning in my Air cast boot

Christopher dancing in my air cast boot

Now about two weeks have passed and I feel crippled again. The nonstop pain is back every time I take a step with out this cumbersome device. I am back to wearing it unless I am reading, writing, or watching TV and generally sitting down. The future plan is to have to bone removed ASAP, meaning sometime in the first weeks of April. Then another 5 weeks at home on bed rest and then another 4 to 5 weeks in another cast.

my air cast boot in the entry area with other shoes

my air cast boot in the entry area with other shoes

I am finding this whole process frustrating. It will be  harder as the weather warms up and the flowers and garden need planting. I am hopeful that by the end of May that I will be in my Crocks again working outside. Until then I am still plugging around the house and finding as much enjoyment in my kitchen as I can. I am adjusting to my more sedentary life as best I can. It is hard not to walk on the treadmill and take mile long walks with Christopher. It appears that I am  home bound a while longer and need to learn to take life more slowly.

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12 thoughts on “Frustration of the unhealed bone

  1. Like as in “Thanks you for giving us this informative update” Not liking the way this process is playing out for you and I hope that something goes your way soon.


  2. Awww Jolynn, it must be incredibly frustrating. I had another different health issue that kept me from walking, just doing the ordinary things I do everyday and I was reduced to tears most days and frustrated like you. After a year it is much better but it’s there. I think when you hurt a foot it is tough to bounce back because our feet support almost every thing we do. I hope you get some relief with the surgery. I am hopeful and rooting for you to be in your Crocs in your garden by the end of May! I mean it just can’t go any other way right? I am going to think positive thoughts for you. I had no idea you were still dealing with that foot hurt. CH was diagnosed with chronic gout in January so we both know what toe and foot pain can do. I will tell you this, I have caught myself doing the same thing you did when this happened and from now on I will be sitting down to pull off any kind of clothes or pull them on!!!!! Take care Jolynn, I’m going to be checking up on you.. ; )


    • you and CH are such good supports for each other then…you both get the idea that just a simple trip to the mall can be painful… I am back to wearing the boot for the next few weeks and I am pretty comfortable when I were it but who wants to wear it forever! Thanks for the wonderful energy and thoughts… I will send them back to CH and you ! Jolynn


  3. I’m so sorry you’re going through this, I hope they find a solution and/or plan for you soon!


  4. Cameron Von St. James

    Hi Jolynn! My wife and I were just looking at your blog and had a quick question. I was hoping you could email me back when you get the chance. Thanks!

    – Cam


  5. Jolynn what happened when you initially hurt it? It sounds awful! Sending you positive thoughts for more comfort and relief.


    • Holly the story is a boring one.. I was returning home from work and was changing clothes as we wanted to work in the yard and as pulled my jeans on I lost my balance and stomped my foot to the floor and “pop” went the bone… this was in about the first week of Oct and I walked on it until the 10th of Dec. At this point as of the 7 th of April I am still in a cast and awaiting a appointment with a orthopedic Surgeon


      • Wow…that must be excruciating and absolutely frustrating! My fingers are crossed that your appointment went well the yesterday.

        Pleas heal little baby bone.


    • I will try it…. the main problem is that this bone is the small one under the joint of the big toe and every time I take a step of move the toes the tissue around the bone pulls the two halves back appart so with 12 weeks in a cast and 6 of those off work we are just going to have to pin the thing back together and then add more bone broth, calcium, and more rest


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