Books, Hot Tea and a New Bed

Me with my books again

Me with my books again

Ok,  I am really deep inside, a reader… not a writer. I write because I have so much that I want to share with my family and friends.Writing is my way of keeping those memories and stories alive. I set a goal of reading at least one book every month and writing at least one post every week. Then life happens and I struggle to keep up with those goals… But I think this will make reaching one goal much easier.

New White fence head board that Tom made for me.

New White fence head-board that Tom made for me.

I read almost every evening in my bed before we all pile into it at night. I spend hours and hours in my bed with a book, so when my 15-year-old sleigh bed literally crashed to the floor at 3 am in July, I was heartbroken. Tom and I did shop for several months to replace the bed. I knew what I wanted, a simple picket fences style head-board or foot board, but never found one. So, as the summer closed I was still bed-less. Tom finally did pickup a frame to put the mattresses on but it still was not the same.

headboard in progress pine picket fence style

headboard in progress pine picket fence style

So this Nov I asked Tom make me a head-board for my birthday. I explained what I was looking for and he took it from their. In a couple of weekends he had made the above headboard for me. I was so thankful to finally get my world back in order. When he hooked up that frame to the new headboard I was so emotionally relieved.I had a new nest.I could finally read and sleep well at night again.

I am also a tea drinker…. not a coffee gal. I don’t own a coffee maker and have never felt the need to pay 4.50 for a cup of anything other than hot spiced wine in the middle of a German Winter Fest. So from daylight to dark I have several types of tea that I drink through out my day. usually I start my morning off with iced tea and then move into the hot teas, unless the temperature outside is in the eighties and then it is Sun tea, Sweet tea or Sassafras tea all day. They say the health benefits are better for teas, but I drink them because of the never-ending different flavors. I started my habit young with my grandmothers Texas Iced tea and grew in a tea lover. In my teens I spent hours in a wonderful used book store/Tea house in Boulder Colorado where you could buy from the local Celestial Seasonings  tea company blends or try simple black or green teas. They also had the loveliest white china cups and sauces ever!

fresh made Sassafras Tea

fresh made Sassafras Tea

  So, now that I have my favorite reading area back I am soooo happy!  I am able to snuggle up in my quilt or comforter and have a cup of hot steamy tea again. I know it sounds a little funny how happy these things make me, but it really is the simple things in life that give us our biggest pleasures.

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10 thoughts on “Books, Hot Tea and a New Bed

  1. Tea and a good book sounds great right now. Oh, I’m still at work…


    • So sorry Dan!!! I will be thinking of you at your desk and office as I clean the slime from inside my fridge today…. I am not sure would you like to trade


  2. forestmtnhike

    That is a beautiful headboard Jolynn. Your husband did wonderful making that. A good book and a cup of tea sound ideal right now. Thanks for sharing with us!


  3. sandy

    Where do you get the sass. Tea. It sounds yummy. The headboard is beautiful, Tom did a great job


    • Sandy it should grow wild on your farm… ask the husband if he knows if you have any… somtimes they grow so big they look like trees… if you have time hit the highlighed area ( Sassafras tea) link and it will take you to in depth look at the tree leaves and how I made the tea from scraps that the DOT left behind… tastes like watered down rootbeer.


  4. Jolynn you are so right, it really is the small things! I have a small room that the windows face North at the back of the house that I turned into a room just for me. I have a comfy daybed and chair in there and that is where I curl up with my laptop or a book. I have a beautiful view of the woods and I feel like a kid again and it is only a few steps from the kitchen.. 🙂 Your headboard is a beautiful piece of woodwork! Quilt is very pretty too!


    • I think all woman need a space of thier own… with three men in my life,I need a place to call me own it just happens that it always turns out to be our bedroom no matter where we live and not matter how many rooms… I wish I could see the wood from my bedroom! but I do have a wonderful view from my kitchen window of a large meadow and trees!


  5. Howdy, Ms. Powers,
    I really like your blog. I grew up a ways up the road in Lost Creek. I have fond memories of runs down to T&L for lunch or dinner. As it turns out, I’m a writer more than a reader. I wanted to share a piece of a story with you that I thought you might enjoy. It’s a historical fiction story that takes place in and around Jane Lew. The poor farm makes an appearance, too. I don’t expect anything in return, but I felt that fellow natives to our region might enjoy seeing their town in the big spotlight. Anyway, “Finding November” is free until this Sunday 22 December if you’re interested:


  6. Thanks so much for sharing your story with me and loveing a small town like mine enough to writ about it!


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