Comfort Food Sunday… Ending with Apple Pie

     Sunday family dinner is a tradition at our house as long as everyone is feeling well. I make dinner for my kids, grandkids, sometimes family friends and the In-laws. This week felt different the food was more comforting and everyone was so excited to eat. I made old-fashioned food from the garden and from the neighbors apple tree. I had a simple menu of meatloaf, fried potatoes, ramps ( I have another post about these wild onions and greens,check it out.) cucumber onion salad, sweet tea and home-made apple pie à la mode. It wasn’t much work and I had everything except a pie crust on hand. It was as if my family was rejoicing in the food and company. It was a celebration of our garden and being blessed with 60 pounds of fresh free apples from our neighbors tree that made the night so wonderful.

60 lbs of apples ready to use

60 lbs of apples ready to use

    My husband and oldest son love  Grandma Powers’ meat loaf and she has instructed me on how to make a tender and juicy one. I haven’t made this for about two years and just thought OK it’s time. Also,the flow of cucumbers has been steady from the gardens so I needed to use them up. I had two bags of frozen ramps that needed eaten to make more room in the freezer for fall and the apples you see in the photo were also sitting on my back porch and were ready to eat. I think this meal planed its’self or maybe the bounty of the earth planed it for me. It took about an hour of time to put the whole thing together.

      I sat on the back porch and peeled the apples while Christopher and my granddaughter Paige played in the yard. I was laughing and talking to Cody and my daughter-in -law Jamie the whole time I peeled the apples. It was so nice to just sit and visit with them. Then off to the kitchen I went, I needed to get a few things started. About hour later, Bill my husbands best friend arrived, and we were finally ready to eat.

with help we were able to repair the back porch that was 4" off level from front to back


    Everyone went on and on about how nice it was to have MEATLOAF???? for dinner??? Really??? They all oohed and awwwed about the apple pie. It was the topic of conversation for several minuets. Their complements took me off guard. I didn’t expect the reaction I was getting. In my mind it was just another dinner that I cook 5 nights a week, it was just part of my day. Then something else ran through my mind…. This was simple food, nothing fancy or expensive. Heck, I got a great deal on the burger so the whole dinner for 5 adults and two picky kids cost me 10 dollars. Much of the food was free… foraged ramps, garden cucumbers and onions and free apples. I bought beef, potatoes and a pie crust and ice cream. I sat back contented that I had made everyone  happy and everyone had a great time. 

Cody and Tucker in the recliner

Cody and Tucker in the recliner

   If you were to attend one of my family dinners you would realise  that it is totally craziness for the 5 hours my family and friends are together. With all of us together on the porch or dinning room, my sons new puppy underfoot , the two little ones  laughing and crying and the cell phones wringing, it is a little hectic.

 Sunday is the only day of my week that my home over flows with voices and laughter. Back doors slam open and closed, footsteps run back and forth across the porch.The kids are free to run from room to room screaming as  the pup chases them. The yard is usually full of cars, a parking lot forms.  Christopher drives his Gader around in huge circles greeting everyone as they come up to the house. Sometimes Cody even brings the mini bike and we all go for rides. It is truly Grandmas house and I am proud of it.

Christopher and the Gader

Christopher and the Gader

Christopher and Paige sitting on Codys mini bike

Christopher and Paige sitting on Cody’s mini bike

   Our life style is from a generation that has already passed. It is family dinners and loud kids and puppies barking. It flashes back to a grandma pealing apples on a porch and a meatloaf in the oven from the 50’s. I don’t understand how I got here, but I love it and all the crazy work that it means. It’s so traditional  my life could be confused for Norman Rockwell painting. As I cut and serve a home-made  apple pie and Tom starts to scoop ice cream to two whiny kids that don’t like pie just ice cream. I think of my grandmas house and her cooking and wonder if she is smiling at me with all these people in my house just like hers 40 years before.

   At times I can hardly believe that this is my life. I well up with tears when I remember my childhood that was so similar,full of love, joy and family. I am so thankful that God has blessed me with this life. I know it was just a dinner with meatloaf and pie but some how it felt like so much more.

Freah apple pie for dinner

Fresh apple pie for dinner

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9 thoughts on “Comfort Food Sunday… Ending with Apple Pie

  1. It’s a good thing that dinner is on the stove, I am hungry now.


  2. forestmtnhike

    Wow JoLynn, seems like spending a day at your place is tons of fun. Glad you got a chance to spend time with your family, enjoying each other & eating lots of good food. Those apples look delicious & so does that pie. Yum! Now I’m craving homemade apple pie with vanilla ice cream. 😉 Take care! Until next time!


  3. When I was a kid and my family all still lived in my hometown, we had dinners like this at my grandmother’s. We lived in town, and my grandmother was living with my aunt before they moved to Florida, but gramma would cook up some kind of dinner- fried chicken, autumn soup, pork chops- and all my aunts and the cousins would get together and eat dinner. We’d do the same thing in the large yard of the house I grew up in, and barbecue with the entire family and all the kids running around screaming. I miss it. Everyone moved away, or stopped talking to one another. After literally everyone else left Illinois, I gave up and moved to Wisconsin. Then my mom and a few other relatives moved back, so now I’m the one far away.

    I try to make it back as often as I can, and the only things that have changed about those family gatherings is that it’s us kids who are the grown up 20 and 30 somethings, and it’s my cousins’ kids running around screaming. And my mom and one older cousin have stepped into the hosting spot that my aunt and grandmother used to fill.


    • Amber, it is so wonderful to make and share moments like these and I hope that some day you can be closer to your family again. I am actualy 1500 miles away from my mom and brother and sister so I understand…. but I have my husbands family here and my own kids and lots friends that make it Home…Thanks to hear that I am not alone in remmbering and still passing along the family dinner tradition.


  4. Your Sunday sounds like great fun and a lot like when we have dinner with my husband’s family but sadly, no homemade apple pie. The dogs, the phones, the kids, the laughter are all there though. My family are a little more formal and Mum gets a bit stressed when we are all over, but it’s still lovely to be together. Long live the family dinner tradition!


  5. Hi JoLynn — May I use your photo of the VW mud bog truck for a newspaper preview promoting a mud bog race in Raton, New Mexico? The photo would run this week in The Chronicle-News out of Trinidad, Colorado, and I’d include your name. Thanks…Tim Keller


    • Hello Tim and yes I would just love it! I am sure my family in Colorado would love to see the preview so I am sure let them know about it too! I am Boulder Co… most of my family still lives in that area… sorry to for the delay in responce I spent the weekend helping my son move.


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