Big Bend Camp ground, Cabins West Viriginia

    This camp ground is one of the cleanest and family friendly places Tom, I and the kids have been to in years. Making our stay for 3 days and two nights a real relaxing time. The camp ground resides at large bend of the Potomac River just north of Seneca Rocks and Smoke Hole caverns in Cabins, West Virginia. From North Central West Virginia it took us about 2 or 2 an 1/2 hours to get to this very remote camp ground and every minute was worth it.

    The Potomac river was really the main draw to this camp ground for our family.  Tom and Cody really love to trout fish and the rivers stocked until the end of June. In one afternoon Tom and Cody caught about 20 fish ranging from Blue Gill, Trout, Rock Bass and Chubb. The waters are clear and fishing is easy.The other benefit to the river is the swimming and tubing. The river runs  only a few feet from some of the camp grounds 46 sites. I knew that the hot weather would bring out people to float down the river on tubes and rafts. What I didn’t expect was the number of tubes we would see. I am just guessing, but I would say around 50 tubers were in the river over the three after noons we were their. We did not bring tubes as Paige and Christopher are still a little young for riding tubes alone. So Jamie, Paige, Christopher and I spent our time just swimming off a sand bar beach and had as much fun as they did in the water.

Jamie with Paige swimming in the Potomac river

Jamie with Paige swimming in the Potomac river

Jolynn and Christopher swimming in the Potomac river, near Cabins W.V>

Jolynn and Christopher swimming in the Potomac river, near Cabins W.V.

   The rivers surrounded by some of the steepest mountains of the  Monongahela National Forest, giving the river a very secluded feel. The campground is also on a grade and steep to walk if you have limited mobility. To help travel from your camp the grounds are freshly paved and walk ways are very fine gravel to help wheel chair access.

The camp ground is non-electric only, campers have no hook ups of any kind so this is not a place for RVs, it’s a tent only location. The sites are level, have lantern posts, picnic tables,fire pits and parking for two cars. Also fire wood is for sale and delivered to your site by the grounds manager. Our sight was a double site so that the kids could have more privacy away from us. This site is  for up to 4 tents and up to 13 people. I can’t say that I would want that many people together but some people don’t mind sleeping next another snoring camper.

Family site and Big bne d Camp ground

Family site and Big Bend Camp Ground

    The quality of  bathrooms and showers is another huge plus for this recreation area. I am unaware of what the camp ground had before our trip but everything was new ( build or replaced this year). Several pit style out houses rest along the river and they even smelled “nice”. Even my redneck son said something about how clean and nice the restrooms were and he doesn’t notice anything. The camp ground also has a handicapped shower room and large roomy bathrooms. A wonderful feature for anyone who is camping with children still in diapers.

   The area around the camp ground is also full of other activities. Hiking, tours of caves, horse back ridding and rock climbing schools.  Our family decided to spend one morning taking a tour at a local natural cave formation called Smoke Hole Caverns. About 1/3 of a mile tour back into a mountain cave with an under water lake and river. We all enjoyed beautiful rock formations and coolness of the cave on 80 deg day.

Front of Smoke hole Caven tours and mountains

Front of Smoke hole Craven tours and mountains

Tom inside a formation in Smoke Hole Caverns

Natural underground mineral fountain

Natural underground mineral fountain

    After we returned to camp,park managers  greeted us and gave us information about the river and hiking trails. We met wonderful people and other families who had other kids. The only thing I would change at this camp ground is I would add  a small play ground for kids. Not everyone is able or willing to swim and this would have been a nice change of pace for the kids when the weather was colder or they were just tired of the water.I can’t see a thing wrong with this camp ground.

The drive into the camp is a little long, at about 20 miles off the main road and rough and bumpy at times but the views are beautiful. Every turn shows off more of the beauty of the West Virginia Mountains.

Old houses line the drive to Big Bend Camp ground

Old houses line the drive to Big Bend Camp ground

wild black berries around camp ground

  The rates for this camp ground are also very reasonable the sites are $20.00 dollars for a single site and $32.00 for a double per night. The above link should give readers current rates as time passes. So for family fun, who can beat $20.00 a night and a tank or two of gas.

  Over all this was one of the best weekend with little kids we could have had. We found great spot for fun in a family friendly environment. This camp ground is a place I will take my family again. Next time,we will camp here later in the hot summer, just to enjoy more of the cool mountain water.

Directions to the Camp ground just click the above link or head to Google to find other camping areas near you.

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4 thoughts on “Big Bend Camp ground, Cabins West Viriginia

  1. Sounds like a great family get-away. It brings back memories of when our children were young. They still talk about our camping adventures, as will your son. My family also camped and explored when I was a youngster. Just imagine — a weekend get-away with no electronics for the kids!


    • yea it was a nice planed – no electric weekend… the kids never even asked for tv or games… they played in a old wagon and in the water to much to notice they were unplugged.


  2. The Hubs and I are headed over that way for a little tent campin’ getaway in a few weeks. We were trying to decide where to stay. This place looks really nice!


    • Jennelle… I would put this one at the top of your list… we went during the week and found over half the camp ground empty… so it is very quite also


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