Five Random In Door Facts Friday

When ever I have time I love blog hopping with Nancy Claeys,

“A Rural Journal”    five facts friday.

 Today I am a home body with a Virus. Yea, just when the weather is nice I can’t go out side… so here are my                 five indoor facts friday.

1. I love to take photos of old buildings and while my husband is working hard on customers horses, I am always looking around to take photos on their farms or near by property. Today while inside I am going to learn some more creative editing tools from Nancy’s pages.

snowy hunting shack

snowy hunting shack

2.  Another of my favorite  indoor activities is baking.I can cook, but find that making cakes, pies, muffins and cookies is much more satisfying for me.  Today I will be lucky to make toast… but you get the idea.

old fahion stack cake.. appircote and orange

old fashion stack cake.. apricots and orange

3. Another favorite in-door activity is going to my local library for a monthly book club meeting.. I wish I had more to read these days but joining with other people who like to read has kept me  motivated. I also love this building and it is a pleasure to see it all the time.

Louise Bennett Memorial Library

Louise Bennett Memorial Library

4. I also love to have company and visit with friends … we do an open door sunday dinner almost every weekend where any one who is free can stop by and eat. So times that means just a couple and sometimes that means ten… love it!

Grandbaby Paige and I making dinner for the crrew

Grandbaby Paige and I making dinner for the crew

5. But my favorite in-door or out-door activity is spending time with my best friend Natalie…

love spending time with my best friend Natalie

love spending time with my best friend Natalie

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10 thoughts on “Five Random In Door Facts Friday

  1. What a cool Sunday dinner tradition, brilliant.Best friends are brilliant too, I love dessert making too and have to stop cuz we’ve picked up a few winter rolls…oh well great fun getting them


    • Yes, we have rolls too! I am trying to lose some of them with some good results but Mothersday well was a feast and I eat tooo much! thanks for stopping by and hope to join up again soon.


  2. I’m sorry you’re under the weather today. Hope you feel better soon! I like the photo of the hunting shack. I love old buildings, too. I don’t cook much, but wow, I would love some of that stack cake! I don’t go to the book group at the library, but I love visiting the library. I feel so comfortable and happy there.


  3. So sorry you are under the weather and hope you feel better soon. That’s a lovely library — would be difficult for me to concentrate on reading with all the pretty things to look at. Thanks so much for joining in today. xo


    • Nancy it is always so much fun stopping and joining in the fun. Just wish I could do it more offten. Thanks for the well wishes… maybe by monday I will be back to normal


  4. I like the idea of an open Sunday dinner….we might just have to try that…hope you feel better soon


    • My Sunday dinner started small 4 people and then we just started telling friends and family they should stop by if they wanted to and some how I always have enough food … when we cook small we get small and when I cook huge we get huge… funny how that works


  5. I’m sorry you’re not feeling well. Your Sunday dinner sounds wonderful!


  6. So sorry you are under the weather. We have rain here so I am stuck inside, too. I love the idea of the drop by dinners. Wow. does people bring dishes or do you cook and hope a lot of people come?


    • yes and no… most of the time it is me and my son who cook… and sometimes they bring things too, some times grandma adds to the table but in general it is me.Most of the time it is common country food, wild game, fresh veg from the garden, harty soups,nothing fancy really just filling homemade food. It has become a love of mine and it grows and changes all the time.


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