Five Facts Friday

                    a found flower in the mountains of Colorado


As some of you know I have tried with some success in writing a blog post every week. The last few weeks have been very trying.. sick kid, sick and hurt parents and a ton of work to do. So I will again steal Nancey Claeys “FIVE FACTS FRIDAY” she blogs from .  More info you never knew about me and my life on a friday morning. 1st…. I don’t own a coffee maker.. we are a tea only family.. yea I know, the I miss the smell of a hot cup of coffee but I just never liked the stuff well enough to drink it. I actually have 4 kinds of tea in my house now and love southern sweet  icetea the best. 2nd … I am dyslexic, you may not know this but it is a learning disability.  In my case affects my short-term memory, my spelling and number functions.. so being a blogger is a labor of love. It takes me twice or three times as long to write a blog as a “normal” person. But typing seems to bypass the trouble spots and makes me spell better and remember things better. 3rd…. I have a B.A. degree and don’t use it. Like hundreds of thousands of others, I got a college degree and have never ever worked in the field it was for. Art and Art education were a dying field we I entered college,so no regular job for me. I will never regret the time I spent in college but I was realistic, I was never going to make my living as an artist. Instead I craft with a 4 year old and take photos for fun and share them here. 4th… I  love old houses, barns, buses, cars and trucks and to quote a friend ” rusting hulks of dyeing junk”. So I will be posting photos of them and writing about their past and future. One of my favorites is our local library built during the late 1800s.

historic entry to the local library Weston WV

historic entry to the local library Weston WV

a 4 story mansion donated to the city of weston for use as a llibrary

a 4 story mansion donated to the city of Weston for use as a library

 5th.. I love to cook, eat and share it with my friends and family. So I am always making some kind of mess in the kitchen. This winter I have been on a soup bender. I have tried and made at least 3 new soups. The one I liked the best is pea with ham that was left over from Christmas. It was perfect with sweet corn bread.
Splitpea and ham soup corn bread and sweet icetea on a very cold winter night

Split pea and ham soup, corn bread and sweet tea on a very cold winter night

 Thanks for stopping to take a look and maybe next week I will have some thing more important to write about and visit my friend at her blog for Nancy’s 5 facts.

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9 thoughts on “Five Facts Friday

  1. Crafting with a 4 year old and photography sound like the perfect life to me… I enjoyed reading your post this morning…



  2. Nancy

    Dyslexia? That must be rough. And no tea here, but lots of coffee, so we cancel each other out! 🙂

    Thanks so much for joining in Jolynn! xo


    • thanks for stopping in. I am still so new at this linky stuff that it took me a couple of tries to get it right. I hope to join in again soon


  3. I don’t drink coffee either, but I love the smell of it brewing. Have a great weekend!


  4. Kudos on your new blog… thanks for the visit this morning… as to 5 facts, I love sweet tea, but I also drink coffee!


  5. Hello Jolynn! I don’t drink coffee either but I love to smell it when CH starts it up in the morning.. 🙂 Learned a lot about you on this Randon 5 Fact! I enjoyed my visit and I will be back to do some reading. Nice to meet you!


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